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Eton Capital Group is a rapidly growing offshore financial services company dedicated to providing active traders with unmatched value through our competitively low prices, speed of execution, and premium products.
Our low rates matched with professional level technology makes us unique in the offshore brokerage industry.

Inspired by an experienced management team - whose careers span the broad range of stockbroking, banking, corporate finance, legal and corporate services professions - we are able to provide highly bespoke solutions tailored to meet our clients' unique and individual needs. In short, we take pride in building long-term relationships with investors.

A letter from our CEO

Dear Valued Partners, On behalf of the Eton Capital Group team, I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your business, engagement, and for your continued confidence. We fully realize that our company would not be in existence without tremendous support from our clients, investors, brokers, market makers and issuers and we could not be more thankful. On behalf of the entire company, I can tell you that we are motivated and inspired by the opportunities that you give us to help you succeed. Delivering results that exceed your expectations is our top priority.

Over the years, we have remained dedicated to developing our people, strengthening our capabilities, and building trusting relationships with our clients and partners. We also pride ourselves on providing superior talent to deliver high-quality solutions aligned with the key objectives of our clients—disciplined finance and accounting, strategic operations, integrated technology, and proactive risk management. We do so with flexibility and nimbleness that fit your objectives—not ours. We are excited for the future and the opportunity to work with you in these areas to exceed your expectations.

Eton Capital Group aspires to serve a broad cross-section of market participants including investors, brokers, market makers, and issuers. We firmly believe that Eton Capital Group can be an agent of change in pursuit of more efficient capital markets, fully committed to serving investors while charging a reasonable and transparent fee for services provided. The role of the exchange in the financial markets ecosystem is a critical one and we welcome the opportunity to honor key tenets, within the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, most importantly “the protection of investors and the maintenance of fair and orderly markets.” We are truly excited to work with you to build a simpler, fairer, and more transparent marketplace.

Selecting a broker/dealer relationship is one of the biggest business decisions you will make. There’s a lot on the line. We understand, and we’ll do everything we can to help you with your choice. Our team will be communicating with you over the coming weeks with more detailed information and, as you learn more about Eton Capital Group, you will see that our sole focus is designed to serve your needs as successful, independent financial investors.

  • We offer a comprehensive menu of non-proprietary stock recommendations for fee, commission and hybrid advisors.
  • We still believe in the value of the human element and personal service in helping our clients manage and grow their portfolio. Our advisors enjoy direct access to our senior management and home office staff.
  • Financial strength and stability. Our clients benefit from our advisors syndicate desk, investment banking, IPOs, research and asset management capabilities.
  • We have happy advisors. Our retention rate is one of the highest retention rates in the off-shore industry.

Eton Capital Group truly is different from other broker/dealers. What you will see on this website is only the beginning of the process. Here you’ll learn the basics of what we do and how we operate. Please contact us so we can take the next steps together. We look forward to hearing from you.

ceo signature
John Goodman,
Eton Capital Group CEO

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